5 Jul 18

ORANGE’S Canobolas Hunting Club wants to see the rogue element in feral animal hunting stamped out.
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Club president Mick Watts said the club’s 220 members are united in their approach to follow a strict code of ethics while out hunting feral animals.

“We try to self govern and are very big on the peer factor in our club,” he said.

“Anyone who is found to be doing the wrong thing is immediately disbarred and identified to the appropriate authorities,” he said.

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Mr Watts said recent negative publicity surrounding rogue hunters has disheartened club members who are concerned it will reflect poorly on the club.

“It is just a small percentage of people who can tarnish our sport,” he said.

Mr Watts said 95 per cent of members are taught to shoot or use bows when hunting with only a small percentage using dogs for hunting and club members are continually reminded any form of gratuitous violence is not tolerated in the club.

“When we are hunting feral animals we try to do it as humanely as possible.”

Mr Watts said one of the aims of the club is to teach people who don’t have experience on the land but want to be involved in the sport to gain expertise and follow guidelines.

“I grew up on the land and have hunted feral animals for most of my life, but what we have to remember is that there are a lot of people out there who have grown up with no male role model in their life and have had no connections to the land at all and think they can just go out and do what they want,” he said.

“In our club we get members in their 50s an 60s who are coming into the sport for the first time and our role is to give them the appropriate training and guidance,” he said.

Mr Watts said he appreciates the use of dogs for hunting feral animals is a contentious issue.

“I have family and friends who use dogs but they are very well trained and the owners do the right thing.

“When we do hunt and kill animals it is no different to the way animals are slaughtered in an abattoir,” he said.

He said while inexperienced and rogue hunters are involved in the sport without following basic guidelines it will continue to be a challenge for authorities.

AIM IS TRUE: Executive members of the Canobolas Hunting Club president Mick Watts, secretary John Rae and vice president Ian Patteson. Photo: JUDE KEOGH 0526hunters

“You can’t legislate against stupidity,” he said.

The club membership ranges in age from 13 to 75 with 10 per cent of members female.

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